Travel Hacks: Next Vacay

Ok, first, this post is 100% not sponsored. I just wanted to really quickly share with you guys one of my newfound loves when it comes to travelling.

Often, the most expensive part of traveling (especially internationally) is the cost of the flight. Next Vacay is a site that scours the internet for amazing flights and sends them to your inbox daily. I live next to a smaller airport so a lot of the flights I get are out of Phoenix or LAX, but the deals are AMAZING and 100% worth the drive. My upcoming trip to Cartagena (over a holiday break) was only 535 roundtrip. Today in my email I got a ticket to Hawaii for 475 roundtrip and a ticket to Bali for 635 roundtrip. You pay 25 dollars a year and whenever they find a good ticket, Next Vacay will send you the link to your inbox and then it’s up to you whether or not you’ll be taking an impromptu vacation. Most of the flights are international but I have gotten flights to Hawaii and one to NYC before.

While getting daily cheap flights in your inbox may just increase your wanderlust it’s a good way to catch an amazing deal on flights and inspire a bit of spontaneity.

Xo, Kait


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