Placencia, Belize: Essential Guide

“Just Breathe”

Ok, so I am not particularly a resort person. I am not against resorts. In fact, I think adding a day or two in a resort at the end of the trip can really help you decompress. In Placencia we spent just under a week at a resort though and we found ourselves wishing we had spent a few more days in San Ignacio and cut down our resort stay to 3 days. With that said, Placencia really was lovely and provided the perfect change to recharge. Below are some of my favorite aspects of the town. 


  1. Relax

Part of the main appeal to staying in a resort in my opinion is that you don’t have to really ever lift a finger. Meals, activities, and anything else is already planned out for you. Make the most of this and really use your time in Placencia to relax, take a little vacation from your vacation.

2. Swim

Placencia has beautiful, sandy beaches. Many parts of Belize, like Caye Caulker, have rockier beaches with a lot of plant life. Placencia, on the other hand, is famous for its sugar-white beaches. I loved relaxing on the beach and going for a swim off the dock at our resort. There’s also a beautiful strip of beach right outside of the main town area.


3. Gelato

There’s a really cute and very delicious Gelato shop along the main street, we went there several times during our time in Placencia and it’s the perfect late afternoon treat. There are usually about 8-12 flavors and they all taste super fresh. My favorite was Kinder Bueno, a flavor I fell in love with in Spain and hadn’t gotten to have since returning to America. It was a good dose of nostalgia along with hazelnut chocolate.


4. Kayak

Most resorts in Placencia will have windsurfers, kayaks, and paddleboats that you can take out on the water. This is a great way to explore a bit more of the coast- or if you’re like me and my siblings, you can just race around in circles and throw each other off course with your paddle. Either way, it’s fun.


5. Habaneros

So our favorite restaurant on Placencia was actually Mexican food, strange right!? Italian in Caye Caulker and now Mexican in Placencia. The restaurant is pretty reasonably priced, delicious, and has a beautiful view of the sunset off the lagoon.


6. Beach Side Massage

I literally have not been able to get a massage since I’ve gotten back from Belize because I’ve idolized this one so much. I mean seriously, a massage in a cabana on the beach with white gauze curtains shimmering in the wind and the sound of the ocean soothing your mind? Nothing can ever live up to that.


Are you a resort person? An adventure type? Or somewhere in between?

xo, Kait


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