New York City, Weekend Guide

One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.

-Tom Wolf

Hey it’s my first stateside post! Anyway,

If you’re in New York for a long weekend prepare to forego sleep. I spent 4 days in the city and probably slept 4-5 hours a night before getting right back at it. However, even with such little sleep it’s nice to splurge a bit on where you stay. My friend and I stayed in The Westhouse, a beautiful 5 star boutique hotel, and it’s central location made it so much easier to see all I wanted to see. I hit up all the necessary tourist sites but also scheduled myself one night of exploring. So here’s quick look at my favorite parts about my weekend in New York City.

1. Central Park

My flight arrived Saturday morning at 4 am, so after checking into the hotel and a quick 45 min power nap I immediately got started exploring with a coffee and a morning walk through central park. I loved seeing the park in the wee hours, it’s a little less touristy and super peaceful.

2. The Met

I study Art History so The Met was an essential stop on the trip. I only had a few hours to see my favorite sections, but if you’re in New York for more time I would say give yourself the majority of the day to see it.


3. The Guggenheim

The building itself is almost as impressive as the beautiful art it houses. Even if you’re not an art person I would recommend a visit to the Guggenheim for the architecture alone.


4. Big Daddy’s

While Instagram is being taken over by extravagant looking shakes Big Daddy’s is an excellent homey diner famous for its unique shake flavors. I had truffle fries and a Key Lime Pie shake and it was so good, tasted just like a Key Lime Pie!

bg shake

5. Grand Central Station

Undoubtedly some of your exploring via subways will take you through Grand Central, I recommend hopping off your train and checking out the station a bit if you have time. While a lot of the beautiful murals are in need of conservation work, it’s still an amazing sight to see. Can you imagine it during the station’s golden age?


6. Artichoke Pizza

Probably my favorite pizza I had on the trip, this place is super cheap AND super good (aka a win for all broke student travelers like me). If you don’t get the namesake pizza  you’re definitely missing out.


7. Empire State Building

Probably the most touristy thing I did, but hey, I love cool vistas so no regrets. It’s kind of expensive though and very crowded so if you’re not into vista views or pano shots I would totally skip this.

8. 9/11 Memorial

This space was so profound and beautiful, I came too late to go into the museum but the evening lights against the water was stunning.

9. Battery Park

I actually didn’t really want to go see the Statue of Liberty so instead I caught it at sunset in battery park. The park was super empty and I enjoyed a moment away from the sites & sounds of the city.

10. Corner Cafes

They are literally all over NYC, are all open 24 hours, and all have vaguely similar names. If you’re running all day and all night these places are a lifesaver. Where else can you get pretty decent lasagna and cheesecake at 1 am for a second dinner?

11. Bouchon Bakery

Right next to Radio City Music Hall and a few blocks from MOMA, this was such a nice place to grab a quick breakfast.

12. MOMA

Again, I’m an art person. If you don’t like Modern Art I would skip this but if you’re into art then there’s no way you can skip seeing some of the most iconic pieces of the 21st century.

13. Ladurée

If you aren’t going to Paris anytime soon hit up Ladurée in NYC, the macaroons and other pastries are gorgeous and delicious- what could be more insta-worthy?

14. Dylan’s Candy Bar

I like sugar, and I was passing by and this place is super cute! With that being said I would only hit this place up if you stumble upon it during your wanderings.


As with every place I’ve been, I love to give myself time to wander free of guidebook and pinterest post restrictions. My last night in NYC I met up with a friend of a friend and we went to this awesome japanese place in the university area and then spent the night bar-hopping to find cool bands to listen too. It was one of my favorite nights in NYC and completely off the beaten path.



Always give yourself time to explore! Is NYC on your wishlist? What are you most looking forward too?


xo, Kait



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